Common Questions

How much do we charge for a website? The reason we don't list our prices is because every website varies in total number of pages, content, image editing, and overall complexity of the project. Ecommerce sites are almost always more expensive than informational based sites, and a website with more images and animation will generally cost more than a basic sites without all the extras.

Without knowing more details, a rough estimate for an informational based site with 5-10 pages will generally be anywhere from $700 - $1,400. An ecomerce site can cost anywhere from $1,500 - $2,500 or more depending on how many products are being listed and method of customer checkout. We are very competitive with our prices, and since your project will be unique, you're price will be also. Contact us anytime for a free estimate!

Will my site be ranked first in Google?Whis is one of the most common questions we are asked. And for obvious reasons. Everybody wants to be listed first in the search engines, and with our experience the sites that we maintain generally do extremely well. The truth is, however, there is no guarantee that your site will stay in first rank at all times. Since search engines change their algorithms so frequently, your site ranking may vary from time to time. So called "search engine consultants" can charge anywhere from $500 - $2000 a month or more and often promise clients that they will stay ranked first in search results.These companies charge to make fancy promises, but deliver very little.

Part of our monthly hosting and general site maintenance includes search engine optimization. We closely monitor detailed stats on your rankings, and will make changes when needed. If you're not familiar with how search engines base their rankings or simply want to learn more about this, give us a call or email anytime and we will be glad to explain this in more detail.
What is required on my part?We understand that most people live very busy lives, so we do our absolute best to make things extremely simple for our customers. Once we find out a few more details about what you want for your website, we will send you an email with a few questions to help us get started. Once you fill this out, we will start working on some ideas and start sketching out designs for your site. It's not required, but you may want to meet with us once or twice during the development stage so we can show you our progress.

We will work very quickly on getting your site setup, and if you have any questions during the process, give us a call anytime. We will also be glad to meet with you in person anytime to brainstorm and have a nice hot cup of coffee at no extra charge.